School’s Out for Summer — But Fears of Regression Looms for Parents of Kids with Autism

dandelion“I Hate Summer” was a recent post by Laura Rossi Totten on The Huffington Post. She writes,

Special Needs Parenting is challenging 365 days of the year. Unlike the shorter winter break or spring vacation, summer is unique because it is long and most special needs children now expect the routine, support, predictability and familiarity of the school year. Frequently, school-age special needs children struggle with the concept of time and that contributes to the confusion and anxiety many children experience during these three months.

What’s a parent to do? What options exist?

For parents who are looking for ways to keep their kids progressing (whether they’re Aspies, high-functioning, or non-verbal), there are few inexpensive options to turn to during the summer months. We recently spoke with Robyn Catagnus, EdD, BCBA-D of Rethink Autism to learn more about the online curriculum they offer parents.
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Summertime Activities with Kids on the Autism Spectrum

I loved my long summer vacations as a kid – riding my bike around, playing basketball with the neighborhood kids, watching countless hours of Happy Days re-runs*, etc. …

However, now that I’m a Dad, married to a wonderful woman & mom who also happens to work full time like me, I see 10-week summer vacations from school as something other than idyllic periods of quality time with the kids. To me, summer vacation becomes the Significant-Logistical-Challenge-Where-We-Scramble-To-Find-Stuff-For-Kids-To-Do, otherwise known as a  “massive PAIN in the behind.”   There, I said it.**
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