Announcing Photo Updates on MyAutismTeam!

We’re super excited to announce one of the top requested features by parents on MyAutismTeam: add photos to your daily updates!

Click the “Choose File” button under the update box, and select a photo from your computer to upload that you’d like to share.

Here is an example. Once I choose my photo file, I added a sentence in the updates box, and clicked “post update” to post to the site.

Once you post your photo update, you and anyone can click on your photo for a larger view. It will appear like this:

Thanks, and keep the feedback coming! Every day we’re helping each other make the site better for parents within the MyAutismTeam community.

 Written by Mary Ray, CMO/ Co-founder at MyAutismTeam

3 thoughts on “Announcing Photo Updates on MyAutismTeam!

  1. I just discovered this blog and I love it! I also particularly like the blogroll, as I’m always looking for autism blogs.

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