Summertime Activities with Kids on the Autism Spectrum

I loved my long summer vacations as a kid – riding my bike around, playing basketball with the neighborhood kids, watching countless hours of Happy Days re-runs*, etc. …

However, now that I’m a Dad, married to a wonderful woman & mom who also happens to work full time like me, I see 10-week summer vacations from school as something other than idyllic periods of quality time with the kids. To me, summer vacation becomes the Significant-Logistical-Challenge-Where-We-Scramble-To-Find-Stuff-For-Kids-To-Do, otherwise known as a  “massive PAIN in the behind.”   There, I said it.**

Reading all of your updates on MyAutismTeam – it’s quite clear that this logistical challenge grows even more urgent when your child has autism & responds much better to the structured, regular routines and schedules of the school year.  With three weeks left before that blessed first day of school I imagine many of you are looking for 1 to 2 more activities for the summer.  We recently conducted a poll on the MyAutismteam Facebook Page asking “What Activities Have Planned for Your Kids this Summer?”    For those of you considering the #1 activity in the poll – “Day Trips” – you might want to check out Shannon des Roches Rosa’s phenomenally useful post on outings with children with autism.

Here are the results of the poll:
Autism Summer activities - Poll results

Did you find any great summer programs, activities, museums or destinations for your child that you could share on MyAutismTeam?  If so, please take a few minutes to add them to your team and write a review.   With your ideas – we can build one, national directory of all the summer activities for kids with autism.  That could make next summer a little easier to plan!

* Hyperlink provided for those of you born after the ’70s.
** All opinions about summer vacations expressed in this blog are strictly those of the author – Eric – and not necessarily representative of the views of the other 10 people who work at MyAutismTeam.  Please take this well salted.

Posted by Eric – GM, MyAutismTeam

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