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Lessons on Navigating the Holidays and Family

The following is a personal story written by Kristin, an ambassador of MyAutismTeam, the social network for parents of children of all ages with autism. Below she shares the lessons that she has learned incorporating her extended family into her son’s life.  If you are a parent of child with ASD, go to MyAutismTeam and connect with other parents who ‘get it.’ Thousands of parents from all over the country are here to share not only their stories, but their daily lives: the good days and bad days and the triumphs!

KristinThis time of year my favorite for one main reason—the food! Seeing extended family and getting time off from school or work is also a bonus. Sometimes spending time with your extended family can be a hassle, especially if you have different circumstances than the rest of your family.
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Meet MyAutismTeam In Denver Sept. 6-9, 2012

Meet Us At the USAAA Conference

The US Autism and Asperger Association conference starts Thursday Sept. 6th and concludes Sunday Sept. 9th. Among the many notable speakers, like Temple Grandin, MyAutismTeam co-founder & CEO Eric Peacock will be presenting “10 Lessons Learned from 25,000 Parents”  on Saturday at 1PM.
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Summertime Activities with Kids on the Autism Spectrum

I loved my long summer vacations as a kid – riding my bike around, playing basketball with the neighborhood kids, watching countless hours of Happy Days re-runs*, etc. …

However, now that I’m a Dad, married to a wonderful woman & mom who also happens to work full time like me, I see 10-week summer vacations from school as something other than idyllic periods of quality time with the kids. To me, summer vacation becomes the Significant-Logistical-Challenge-Where-We-Scramble-To-Find-Stuff-For-Kids-To-Do, otherwise known as a  “massive PAIN in the behind.”   There, I said it.**
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